It is really important to have an attractive profile picture

Welcome to our community of modeling and photography artists. If you have recently joined the community it is important to make sure you are able to take a full advantage of your presence. We created this guide to help you develop your profile and reveal your talents and skills at their best.

Remember - only users with complete profiles can be selected for model of the week or be showcased in the model spotlight.

Take the following 5 steps to make your profile shine:

1.Profile picture

Set a nice profile picture. We can’t stress it any more. It is your first impression to others. Make sure it is pleasant and attractive. It’s not a place for mirror selfies.


Create a couple of albums and publish some photos there. Even if you don’t have a professional shoots, you still have some nice photos. Put it in your profile. Again, mirror selfies is not the best way to do it.


Small details matter. Enter as much info about yourself as possible. Others will search profiles according to certain criteria, so make sure you have everything entered. Check spelling. Imagine if someone is looking for a model in Chicago, but you have misspelled the city name! Your chances to be found are drastically decreased.

4.Background information

That’s a place for you to introduce yourself and tell people more about who you are, what you do, what your expectations are, what you are willing to work on, etc. Be creative! Short messages like "willing to do some shots" don’t have any value. Sometimes we publish model profiles on our Facebook or Twitter pages. We use information from this field. So take this opportunity, be attractive and comprehensive.

5.Nice URL

You might want to change the default URL of your profile. So instead of having

you may want to have just

It will be easier for you to remember and share this URL. And it will look nicer, after all. You can change it by going to the Menu Profile -> Edit Profile and then clicking Preferences.


If you follow these steps and invest a little bit time, you will have a nice and good looking profile. It will definitely pay off.

Last but not least - keep your profile updated. Things change over time – make sure the changes are reflected. Attention to details will demonstrate your positive attitude and continuous improvement, and that is a clear message that you are the right person to work with. Good luck!