Creating a profile seems very simple. It’s simple indeed. But creating a good profile needs some small touches. Ever wonder why some profiles have a better click rate than others? Follow these easy tips to make your profile visible and popular. Make it work for you, not against you.

1. First Impression Is Everything

Just cannot stress this strong enough. First impression means a lot. In a fashion and photography site like BelleTFP first impression is twice as important. How do exactly others meet you here? By looking at your profile picture (along with a name), of course. It means a picture is your tool to create a good first impression. Most likely your profile is among other profiles either in homepage or in user search results. You want them to click on your profile, not others, right?  Then make sure that you have a nice, professional head shot. This is definitely not the time for a mirror selfies.

2. Make It Personal

Put as much information about yourself as possible. Especially be clear about your background, goals and expectations. Be as clear as possible about what you can offer and what you cannot. It will not only make you look more professional but also save your time from unrelated queries later. Not to mention – add some good pictures of your own (or made by you, in case you’re a photographer).

3. Be Part Of A Community

Be active within a community. Make sure you make friends with all the professionals you have worked with on BelleTFP. It will help you to create credibility and keep good relations with the ones you’ve met. Also, don’t forget to post your experience with others.

4. Frequent Status Updates

Update your work as you go. Updates should not just be desperate actions. Post important, meaningful updates. The more active you are, the more successful you look like to others. That creates certain proof of professionalism, which impact you can’t ignore.

5. Others Like Your Attention To Details

Simply take good care of your profile, make sure you do not leave anything blank that could make you stand from the crowd. Small details matter indeed.