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CountryUnited States


TravelingLocal and neighboring cities


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Nudity involved
Implied Nude
Artistic nude
Figure nude
Erotic nude
Adult nude

About me

I’m here to further my portfolio as far as Erotic Photography is concerned. I’ve done ~5 shoots with close friends who share mutual comfort levels being nude around each other as well as trust in knowing the results of our shoots would never leave each other’s possession. Trust is of utmost importance to me as well as the comfort of the model. For the most part my friends wanted to feel sexy and have a high quality set of photos of them at their most vulnerable to share with whoever they want. Shoots have ranged from Classy Boudoir in Hotel Suites, public voyeurism, bondage in gritty settings and even Adult-Based shoots where I was and was not involved. I’ve been a photographer for 10+ years and you name it I’ve shot it. I’m trying to reach further into erotic photography because I find it to be an exciting subject matter. I find something exciting about having a camera between two individuals with the camera acting as a boundary setting mechanism and there’s a level of excitement regarding sexual tension that is entirely palpable yet restricted and respected for the sake of art. At the end of the day the female form is an incredible thing and capturing it in such a way that makes the subject confident and proud makes me proud to have been the conduit to the realization of that confidence. I’m very confident in my hobby and my skill level. My day job pays well enough that I can afford to keep photography in the realm of hobby. I want to make you feel like a goddess, I want to give you a set of photos you’re proud of. I’m excited by the thought of someone using my work to share with others with pride. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re within 4-5 hours of central Connecticut and you would like to create some art centered around your beauty. Please be confident. Confidence in your beauty will always lead to amazing results which is what I’m looking for.